Closets are hard. We all have them, the painful conversations we want to shy away from, the things we would rather not face because we fear getting hurt or hurting others.

But it doesn't have to be about hurt. When I was thirteen I made the decision to never come out of that closet. I had decided the fear won and it killed my dream of living a life in the open.

A year later I began my journey with tarot in earnest.

They provided me with the insight I needed to take those first, hesitant steps out into the world as my honest self. Tarot is a reminder of that gentle push all these years later. Let tarot be your guide, and you'll never truly walk alone. 

Queer Street Tarot is about empowering you to take those steps, out of whatever closet it is that you're stuck inside. Any rut or cycle that has convinced you that your life is not worth rocking the boat, the tarot can help with. At any time we convince ourselves there are a hundred reasons that we don't need a better job, a higher self-esteem, less stress. Because to change those things is hard work. 

But it's not impossible

Take the first steps with me, and let the cards speak, so that you can become an active participant in writing your story and not just a spectator watching life unfold around you. 

Stop fear and hesitation in their tracks and finally live the life that you've always dreamed of living for yourself. 

a life on YOUR terms.

My life has led me to the creation of Queer Street Tarot, where my goal is to help you use the tools already inside yourself to shape your life in the way that you want without question. Without guilt. Without self-doubt. There is no room for that when there is a life waiting to unfold—yours!

Book your session today and start living for you. 

— J. Ryan


Choosing the right tarot reader can be a difficult choice. Each reader will mesh with their clients in different ways and I want to make sure that you are not only happy with your decisions, but comfortable as well. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please know that my inbox is always open to you. If you are seeking help or need to reach out, even if it is not tarot related, I welcome you into my space. Please use the form below or e-mail me at: queerstreettarot@gmail.com

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