Get Up, Get Groovin'


Starting that list in our heads is at times the most Herculean of tasks we undertake. When it comes time to put off our own procrastination, the cards can be one of the handiest tools I have for personal motivation. Not just tarot, either! I'll be focusing on both a tarot and an oracle deck. 

The High Priestess: A Metaphysical Side-eye

When it comes to cards that truly make me feel like I need to buckle down, few compare to the High Priestess. She's notoriously present in my personal readings, and often she is a reminder that I have come to the crossroads of Put Up Rd. and Or Shut Up Blvd. I love her, truly. She holds this feeling of a mother who is in the midst of saying: "You know what it is that you need to do, so why aren't you doing it, mister?" and so we sigh, say yes mom, and make our bed. Or so the metaphor goes. That metaphor is one that you can conjure mentally, and I often do, whenever we are stalling, lallygagging, or just generally being a fuss and there is work to do. 

My favorite three decks for the High Priestess are currently the Rider-Waite-Smith depiction, the Tarot of the Hidden Realms, and the Fountain Tarot. Each of them is both mysterious with a hint of snark that speaks to me on a level that feels more friend, less condescending authority. 

The Magician: Spellcasting No Strings Attached

An additional tarot card is the Magician. This spell casting stud is trouble in the best sense. It's all you, baby! Yes, the Magician can bring in this energy that screams "Showtime!" and what better time to shine but in those dark winter months? Light up the darkness with rueful stubbornness and rebel against the flow of the seasons by bringing magic with you in all that you do. To quote Aggie Cromwell from the Halloweentown movie series, "Magic is really quite simple. You want something and then let yourself have it." and this is truly the secret with the Magician. Remind yourself of this energy any time you need some affirmation that this is your show. 

As an added bonus, use both of these cards to bring in energy that will serve as a reminder that you know what you need to do and that you know how to go about getting it. 

Gods & Titans Oracle: Divine Dudes to Dare You

A deck that features my favorite artist, Jimmy Manton-all three of these oracle decks are his artwork-this one features male figures from pantheons across the globe. Each of them will speak to someone, they are so much a unique experience that I can only tell you that two of my favorites are Eros and Poseidon. This deck works well with its sister, discussed below, to push you into action. They are great meditative tools, and the cards can be placed in view for an everyday reminder of the energy you're trying to manifest in your life. I highly recommend them as they will give you a challenge you feel you can commit to. Plus, the artwork is just so...yum-o. 

Goddesses & Sirens: The Sisterhood of the Striking Match

These ladies do not come to play soft. They are divine and in charge, but they aren't going to mom you! Instead, these cards offer firm pushes and inspiration that let's you take responsibility for your success. Sit with Pomona in her garden or charge forward with inexorable grace, Pele at your side. Even venturing into dark glen for a fireside chat in Baba Yaga's chicken legged home isn't as scary when you know they're trying to incite you to action. What sets these ladies apart from other decks out there is the way they each live in their contained power. Not one of these powerful women needs anyone else to tell them their limits, because they don't know the meaning of the word.

Limit? Why bother! They simply live to the fullest, as we should all strive to do. Use both decks for some great depth and messages that will propel you forward regardless of external motivation or internal fear. 

The Secret Language of Animals: Precious Animals to Protect and Inspire

No one likes to see animals go extinct or sit on the endangered list. We can often find our hearts made heavy by these creatures disappearing from our world. But Manton captures images of endangered animals from around the world that provide us with insight into just how powerful mother nature can be. Each animal embodies some aspect of its element, one of four cards also included in the deck. Are you channeling steadfast and stubborn earth energy like Rhino or flying high on big goals and bigger wings like Albatross? This deck is perfect for the animal lover who wants to see their life infused with rich, unadulterated energy. 

Take these decks for a spin and let me know what you think! They are great for personal readings, clients, or daily meditations. I keep mine by my work computer for that little extra something at the start of the day. After all, nothing beats fresh coffee and divine inspiration.