Intuition: How to Use It & Trust It


Fourteen years ago, my journey into divination began. At the time there was no doubt in my mind that what I was doing was only reading the cards. That changed when I sat across from a young woman and began to conjure specific images from the cards, detailing people I did not know and places that I had never been, but she had. 

This is to see

When I was about seventeen, several years after beginning my journey with tarot, I had my first experience that I consider truly supernatural with the cards. I was reading a friend at a coffee shop and as we discussed the cards, I could not come up with an explanation for the Queen of Cups.  In particular, I was absolutely fumbling when it came to who this person was. She was getting frustrated with me, too, I could tell. I had a moment then, as we both stared at this card where I felt like someone was trying to get my attention. I looked up and in my mind I saw this woman gesturing frantically to herself. She would point to my client, as she stood behind her, and then herself and shake her head. She then began to mimic a child growing up-using her hand to make them grow taller and taller. 

"This is a woman who knew you, watched you grow up, but wasn't exactly family." My friend thought for a moment and then widened her eyes. I pressed on, finding the words from somewhere, the image of this woman still firmly locked in my mental landscape. It turned out that this woman was a family friend who had passed away some years ago, missing out on a lot of events that she would have otherwise been present for.  

This turned into one of the most beautiful readings I have done, to date, and one that I am grateful to have struggled with because it was after this that I began to notice the way in which my intuition called for my attention. 

This is to hear

If ever you find yourself in a reading (or wherever you would like to use this), questioning whether or not your intuition is getting your attention note that it can take on any form-including sound. I sometimes feel as if I "hear" phrases or words and will often repeat them to a client or friend over a reading. At times the word or phrase can have no bearing on a reading and I have to stop them outright and say something akin to; "Look, I know this is out of left field but hear me out." and we go from there. This doesn't happen as often to me now but when I first began paying attention to my intuition during these sessions it was the more common of the senses to trigger. 

Take a few minutes a day and ask yourself out loud a question you want answered, sit for a moment and if you hear nothing, go about your day, paying attention to the sounds around you. Maybe you'll hear your answer there. If this doesn't work, perhaps asking yourself the question before bed and allowing it to be with you as you fall asleep will yield an answer. If neither approach works, it may be that one of your other senses fits your style of interpretation better.

This is to feel

Ask anyone you know who provides a metaphysical service if their intuition ever gives them a physical sign and the likely (though not for sure) answer is yes! For me, when my intuition hit on something in a reading, or was about to, I would get that fluttery butterfly in the belly feeling that some get when going down a rollercoaster hill. Others have reported feeling warm or pressure on the top of the head while others report feeling their hair or head being touched from behind. All of these are valid, so if something comes up for you and someone else says it was different for them, know that both are correct. 

Good practice for this is when you are settling in a  seated position, preferably in a chair with good posture, to ask a question-either aloud or not-and pay attention to the sensations around you. Note them so that you can continue asking questions throughout the week, always paying attention to repeated sensations. Mark in a journal the questions asked and how the answer came to you, and how it played it out over time. It's a fun way to see your intuition grow. Because boy, does it ever grow. 

This is to be

When I started reading cards, I never thought of myself as gifted. After all, it was just a pack of cards and some meanings, right? Well, what started off as a cool visual during a reading turned into more visuals in other readings, to the point where a client may approach me and I will know which cards are going to hit the table before they've even sat down. My theory is that like all muscles, our intuition needs to be used-divinatory tools such as tarot, runes, bones, scrying, all of these are the perfect mediums to flex that muscle and help it expand. Take a few moments a day, whether you're driving or getting ready for the day or even making food, and let yourself ask a question, make a prediction, or just play events out of your day to come and see what turns out to be on the mark. Don't worry if things miss, there are times when I am still off, but the results can be fun either way. 

I will note that people/books/online resources will encourage building a glossary of images/phrases/keywords or actions that mean things, especially those oft repeated that you know are going to come up all the time. I have mine down pretty much pat at this point and no longer write them down but it is a good step, if you don't let the things you write hinder you. At no point should you read or write something down and feel you have to spend time flipping back and forth for it. Your first and foremost index for your intuition will always be you. 

This is to trust

Learning to rely on my own gut was hard. I was often a very indecisive child and growing up didn't change that much. But the more I second guessed my cards or my intuition, the more often I was incorrect about a prediction I made or a choice I followed through on. If it comes down to it, literally take a step back, correct yourself and say no, I second guessed myself just now, and move forward. Even if you take clients, saving face isn't worth doing a disservice to yourself or your intuition. It's okay to still be learning. 

The first thing you need to do is take that first plunge. 

Start off with a few simple things, like letting yourself sink away into the shower or while meditating with candles. Or even just while doing dishes or listening to your favorite radio station. There are often news stories or pop culture discussions that can be fun to predict the outcome of. 

Lastly, no victory is too small. So whether you're predicting the soup of the day or major world events, have fun with it and let your intuition guide you. It's all in you, just tune in and listen to that beautiful inner you without fear of driving the bus.