Mr. Right Now

Romance readings are a fairly common occurrence in tarot. But when looking for Mr. Right, sometimes the cards can encourage you to go for Mr. Right Now, in order to learn a lesson or two in life.  

Below I share a spread based on what can happen when you invite Mr. Right Now to the table.

Sometimes, it’s rather magical, and sometimes it’s not. But insight is insight either way and life’s messy moments don’t need to be ignored. For this reading, I used an anonymous client who gave permission for this to be used.  

Mr. Right Now Spread


Set in a two rows, the six cards play out as follows. 

1. You (Queen of Pentacles)

2. What You’re Seeking (Six of Pentacles)

3. What You Lack (The Moon)

4. Mr. Right Now (Queen of Wands)

5. What They Can’t Give You (4 of Wands Rx.) 

6. What You’ll Learn From Them (The Sun)


Well, the Queen of Pentacles is definitely the desire for stability. Building the home and maintaining a way of life. It sounds so mundane but it fits them the best way possible. Because the Queen of Pentacles has both this love of being the hostess and keeper of the home but she isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty if she feels the need to. 

The thing that they’re seeking is balance, up to a point. And this card to me also discusses one finding their own feet as well. After all, a relationship is just constant balance and rebalance. Though it can be a lot more fun than that sounds! 

What they lack, well that’s gonna be fun to dissect. The Moon is both a lack of trust and honesty. Coupled with the Queen of Pentacles you’re looking at fear that they’ll lose home field advantage, their base, their control of the situation. If they’re lying to anyone, it’s probably themselves. Sharing power won’t make her any less a queen. Not in this case. 

Their Mr. Right Now is someone they’ve had dealings with before. The Queen of Wands is someone well matched to make the Queen of Pentacles feel at home but that’s exactly the next problem. Based on the Four of Wands in the reversed position, not only is home exactly what the Queen of Wands cannot offer, but they aren’t interested. 

This may be one hard lesson to learn but in the end the lesson here is the Sun. The things that will be learnt deal with accepting life for what it is. What it gives you. It isn’t always a storybook and sometimes we lack control but that’s simply the way life goes from time to time. What they do have in front of them can be amazing. If they let it be. If they find contentedness within themselves and stop trying to force external sources to be those sources of happiness. 

The cards aren’t going to change those behaviors or expectations, they can point it out for you. Then again sometimes the best medicine is experience. Who better than Mr. Right Now to help you swallow it down? After all, a little sugar always helps make it more fun.