The Queer Community Tarot Deck

My forthcoming tarot deck! This deck is filled with sumptuous images of the male form, and the accompanying book marries my experiences as a gay male with my knowledge of tarot. Please consider backing this deck if you like what you see! I am so excited for this deck! The Kickstarter can be found here. CLICK! 


In order to honor all aspects of the LGBTQIA+ community, I am creating a deck that is only a part of a bigger project. What this deck is the male bodied images and the next will be the female and the following will be a gender ambiguous deck. Why?


Each deck will feature the same back and text design but differing images. The decks will be designed to mirror one another so that they can be used to mix and match cards. This will allow people to create their own unique slice of queer community in a tarot deck. And so, this deck has become a piece of something much larger, and I hope that you all enjoy the Queer Community Tarot.  


I will be relaunching my Kickstarter to reflect these developments, after the original one closes at the end of June, and I hope that you enjoy these creations as much as I am enjoying creating them.