Stuck in a Rut or Down a Queer Street?

Change is the Enemy

At least according to your brain, that is. While change may not be the enemy, change does set off alarm bells in your head. Think about anytime you've thought about leaving a job or starting another project that you've wanted to for a while. Or even approaching that hottie across the room.Our brains begin to spit out every excuse not to. 


How Can I Help? 

Using tarot, I have developed a series of sessions that allows us to look at the patterns, cycles, and ruts that you have created in your daily life. We use the cards to map out what you want, what you want to avoid, and how to go about getting the life you've been dreaming of for so long.

While I have specific coaching sessions located in my store, you can use the email, thirty minute, six minute, and ninety minute sessions to get a taste of what those sessions entail. 

Get started living the life you want, today. You've waited long enough, and it's about time that you lived to the fullest potential, pursued your goals, and embraced change as the scary, beautiful tool that it is. 

Work with me to create the life you want to be living and build the tools you need to maintain your vision along the way. Create guiltless techniques to make U-turns when the road gets bumpy, and take back control from the every day hiccups that happen to us all! 

  • I'll do it tomorrow
  • He isn't interested in someone like you
  • That's a dumb business idea
  • I need this job
  • My life is fine the way it is
  •  XYZ is too hard so why bother
  • XYZ will be mad/not care/think I'm overreacting/dumb

Not only are those excuses defeatist but they serve to crush any and all attempts at making change in our lives. So, the business ideas stumble and fall apart, the job searches grind to a halt, the self-esteem plummets as we ignore the gym, avoid the hottie, accept that nothing will ever go our way out of the blue. 

Though some erroneously think Einstein said it, the phrase "The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result," is right on in this case and while many speakers have been attributed to this sentence, it still rings true for all of us. When we continue to pace inside the ruts we have built then we can only expect to become more deeply entrenched in them.