Candle Magic for Creativity and Motivation

I have been struggling for a long time now to sit down and write blogs. It is not for lack of content. No, there is plenty of that. What it comes down to is that every time I sit down to write, my fingers poised on the keys, the words trapped behind my eyes-I freeze. I hit that metaphorical wall and there I stick, trying to squeeze myself through to the other side of motivation and free flowing creative juices. 

No dice. 

Absolutely fed up, I went to my herbs and grabbed a pillar candle I kept on my writing desk along the way. I snatched up my mortar and pestle and pulled jars and bottles of herbs to me in a flurry. What I came up with not only helped me but continues to make me wonder at the simplicity of it. Below is the list of herbs I used along with a picture of my merry flame of creativity. I hope that you use it and it brings you as much joy as it has brought me!



Candle-I used a pillar candle. 

Herbs-I used Rosemary, Balm of Gilead, Five Finger Grass, Coriander, Irish Moss, and a splash of Storm water collected outside. Customize as you see fit. 

Mortar & Pestle-Can use any device to blend the herbs together but not into a paste like consistency. 


Place the desired amount of herbs into your mortar, grind until about halfway done to your liking, add storm water amount but be conservative. You don't want to make a paste. Once this is done, notice the smell, it smelled almost like a menthol smell and I really loved it. I let the herbs sit for a minute and when I scraped them from the mortar they weren't wet but clumped nicely. I spread them on the candle with my fingers and placed the rest inside. 

Light and enjoy. I keep mine on my desk, it gives me something to look at while I write. 

Let me know if you use this and how you customize it! 


Creativity Candle