Queer Witch Crafting: Magic Paper, Practical Magic, and Tarot Prompts

Portable magic, that’s what tarot cards can be for a lot of people. They are a way to visualize, manifest, and bolster magical intent in our lives and just like people, there are many ways to utilize them for this purpose. Each of these ways have their own benefits and drawbacks, it depends on the person and I encourage you to explore wildly to find what works for you.

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Queer Witch Crafting: Lunar Magic for Prosperity and Insight

Not only is it an eclipse but it's also a time for us to utilize full moon energy, so a prosperity spell made sense to me! I didn't want to do anything overly complex so I did a lot of my specific practice behind the scenes and pared things down super much for the video I will be posting later this evening.

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Coven & Queer Thought: How Mainstreaming Paganism Damages Queer Voices

Boudoirs and Broom Closets

When I first came out as a gay man it was with a sense of terror and relief, all wrapped into one, that greeted me. It was like jumping from a plane, you both want to and do not want to all at the same time. I graduated high school and moved to study at my four year university where I met several other people deeply interested in the occult, as I was. They came from every end of the LGBTQIA+ spectrum, from cis-gendered and heterosexual to pansexual and trans*. We would meet and share stories of magic, tarot, what we did on the important calendar days, and how we worked with our various beliefs (we didn't all subscribe to the same beliefs per se) when surrounded by people who may not understand.

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