Making the Leap of Faith: Using Ostara to Kickstart Your Life

We all want something. That's human nature. It's also human nature to back away when we start getting what we want. This spring—as some pagans celebrate Ostara and may others, pagan and not alike—celebrate the arrival of the season, commit to staring down the fear and rising with renewed focus and dedication to the life you want to lead rather than the what if that has been holding you in stasis all winter long. 

That's A Fine How-Do-You-Do

We enter into a time of fire and productive growth and as such, I want to keep us moving and grooving. The snake, to me, is an animal of action, growth, and forward thinking. The snake does not have time nor incentive to worry about yesterday when faced with today. So, the Ostara spread I came up with incorporates the snake like motion and forward momentum to push us to do more, be more, and strike while the irons are red-hot! 

Use and modify this spread as you see fit but find it down below!