Predictive Reading as Empowerment: How Knowing the (Possible) Future Helps

Something that I want to address is the immediacy with which people will denigrate the act of predictive reading. This blog post will aim to answer 1) What is predictive reading?,  2) Does predictive reading mean psychic reading? 3) Can predictive reading work, and 4) How can predictive reading empower a client? 

What is Predictive Reading?

The long and short of it is that to predict something means to deliver that knowledge before it comes to pass. What is being predicted though? It all boils down to action and consequence. Because the people that we read are not static beings in a void, they will have taken actions and will take action to make their life do something. A predictive reading then, will access what is a likely outcome or set of outcomes, rather than a straight 1 to 1 correlative outcome. 

Does Predictive Reading Mean Psychic Reading?

Short answer, it depends. I have seen too many readers discuss knowledge they have no way of knowing to not believe in psychic ability, but this doesn't automatically make every predictive reading a psychic one. Human psychology has given us unique insights into the minds and lives of the human animal, and even though we are all bright shining stars of diversity and uniqueness, we fall prey to instinct time and time again. We can infer an action will lead to a certain set of consequences or outcomes and often we will be mostly correct. Maybe the psychic reading will be more nuanced, providing more little details and fleshing out the picture more for their client, or maybe not. What matters here is the ability to look at a set of cards and say:

"Based on card 1 and card 2, and their meanings, if you do A then B may occur. Then again, if you do A but then don't jump into the actions described on card 3 you could negate a lot of the consequence of your action." 

It doesn't have to be something mystical but no one should say it won't be either. Anyone can do predictive reading, even if they say they can't, because everyone can tell you "Hey, if you keep being an arse then this is going to happen", though I am sure they would be much kinder about it. 

Can Predictive Reading Work?

Well, that's quite the question. Of course, predictive reading is a set of evaluations made by people in the event of any given likely scenario, so saying it doesn't work really comes down to how much time someone is willing to spend problem solving with a client. Because that's where any good session of predictive reading will eventually lead, the problem solving portion of the read. 


How Can Predictive Reading Empower a Client?

Sure, it can be a laugh to say: 

"Yes, Brenda, you will marry a Tom and you will have a Dick and a Jane and look much like the Ten of Cups." and I'm not even discounting or discouraging the image of girlfriends gossiping over wine or the lovelorn looking for their one and only. These things happen. Everyone needs to unwind and everyone wants to feel love. That's human nature

But let's say Brenda is unhappy, recently single, and wondering if she's the problem. Questions race through her head, is it her body, her behavior, what is it that prevents her from finding a man to love her for her? Well, let's start by reframing that question (more on that in a later post). 

What is preventing a relationship from taking off in Brenda's life? 

We lay the cards down and begin to discuss what we see. Here one card indicates a feeling of not being enough, and this court card describes her perfectly, so we see her not feeling goo enough. We see another card that waxes eloquently about her loving, motherly nature and another that spins that nature into a co-dependent relationship and the men feel smothered, she feels unheard and unloved, and doesn't know what to do. Let's solve for X.

The biggest issue staring at us is the card that indicates she needs to control things, that her mothering becomes smothering and doesn't let anything grow organically. We can pull cards on how to deal with this and give her tools via the cards to deal with the change needed. If Brenda uses the tools given and eliminates the outlined behavior we can then infer that her time in the dating pool will be much more enjoyable, and her life overall will likely improve as her outlook shifts because she is now taking action to create a change. If not, we can infer where she will spiral, what it will likely look like, and even how to make a U-turn to get her facing front again. 

That ability to take control, make a change, and provide for yourself the life you want is empowering, and is something that each client can access if they allow themselves the ability to infer where their own actions will take them.

This is empowering because it leads us down one thread of millions, possibilities that can change and often do change very quickly. This instability is the magic of prediction, the tarot reader's magic is the ability to intuitively leap forward and help guide the client without cajoling them into one particular vein of action itself. 

Predictive reading doesn't have to come from a place of psychic gifts, though there is no problem if it does. The issues arise when people seek to take advantage of their clients and rather than give them something to take away, the readers seek to take something for themselves. Often, this is an attempt to inflate ego (more on that in later post) and it will ultimately fail both the reader and client. 

Stay honest, sincere, and these mini journeys that we as readers are only a part of for so little a time will help us as well. That's magical all on its own.