Queer Witch Crafting: Lunar Magic for Prosperity and Insight

Lunar Eclipse, Magic Afoot

It is no secret that witches of all flavors pay attention to the world around them; and I'm not just talking about the current political climate. The lunar eclipse set to happen Friday, February 10th, 2017, is an event that has had many witches casting their most prosperous spells, communing with the shadow self (more on that later), and generally taking advantage of the wonderful energy of the eclipse. 

Not only is it an eclipse but it's also a time for us to utilize full moon energy, so a prosperity spell made sense to me! I didn't want to do anything overly complex so I did a lot of my specific practice behind the scenes and pared things down super much for the video I will be posting later this evening.

The ritual comprised of candles, herbs mixed with oil to be stored later in a container I can wear or hang, paper with my intentions/spell wishes on it that would be burned along with the herb/oil mix.

Using the elements and then placing them either in a prominent place or in something I can take with my daily means that I can be around that energy as often as possible, something I feel helps me keep my thoughts and intentions focused on the goal associated with the ritual.

It's a very simple ritual but the set up was really easy to do right at the kitchen table. Which herbs and oils you use are up to you but a few I used were five-finger grass, patchouli, bergamot, and coriander. I also drew at random from a deck of cards and laid them alongside the ritual items as a visual focus for my intent. Tarot is something I share with my partner and so the cards made me think that if they had been present it would have been only too easy to have them select some cards as well, and add in an herb or oil of their own. I may post about ritual with a partner later, but for now I leave you with this one!

I hope this article finds you well and that your lunar eclipse is full of fire in the best possible way.


Go forth and make some magic!