Queer Witch Crafting: Black Salt

As a person I like to believe that everyone is going to be kind and treat each other fairly. As a gay man and former customer service employee I know that that particular optimism can be sorely misguided.  That's when a little magic is required.


Black Salt, Black Magic?

A lot of people see the word 'black' and they immediately associate anything it's attached to with everything bad in the world. There's a lot behind this, from cultural oppression and systemic racism, to just general misunderstanding. 

But black salt is possibly one of the most important pieces of witchy material in my collection, and there's nothing bad about it. What's it used for then, you ask? Banishing negative energy, bolstering psychic and magical defenses, and clearing away mental fog. 

Black Salt Made Easy

When I make an amount of black salt I will write the intent I want to infuse the salt with on a piece of paper and set it on fire using a candle (usually white) and then mix the ashes into a bowl of salt, as I mix them the salt will take on a grey tinge unless you want to add more and make it darker. 

When it's done you can place it in a container of your choosing. Use it on doorways, windowsills, or in places where you spend a lot of time to banish unwanted bad energy. You can also keep a small amount in a charm or locket, or in a wallet. 

Give it a try and let me know what you think of it and its results!