Queer Witch Crafting: Creating Sacred Space to Reflect You

For a Virgo like me, my space is my space. No touchie. So when I set out on my path I immediately intrigued by the idea of sacred spaces. A place to work your craft and explore the esoteric shadows of my own? Hell yes! 

Finding Religion

For me, tarot is a religion, my religion. I use it every day and alongside my ever growing herbal collection—more on that in future—I have crafted a unique path that works for me. It centers around the use of the tarot and herbs to influence and encourage me to explore every aspect of myself. My space reflects that. Shelves of herbs sit on one wall while my cabinet, an item I was gifted after my grandmother's passing, contains the many tarot decks I own. The walls are a deep blue and seem to cast their own shadows some days.

This is more a place for flickering light than it is one of the light of day. I first realized that the cards played a major role in my spiritual path when I was sitting there torn between pursuing other paths, ones that were "more serious" whatever that now means. 

The cards sit prominently where I do my work and they serve specific purpose as totems for my intentions throughout the space. When I first began setting up this space I went through with sage and opened the windows. I regularly light candles and incense before and during any working. I try to fill my space with as much joy as I can, even filming my youtube videos in it. 

To Claim Your Space

It's actually quite simple. To claim your space, make sure that you are the most genuine you can be while in it. The space is supposed to reflect you, so aside from ritual or magical items, put things there that make you smile, bring you comfort, or in other words—things that hold a piece of who you are

I feel as if the more you do in the room, the more aware of the energy you'll become. If you have ever walked into a room and felt off, then you already know what I mean, and using that sense to know when a space feels like it is truly yours. I once told my partner that I felt that my space was a separate world entirely from the rest of the home and felt as though it could float off an exist entirely on its own. It was a surreal feeling. 

What do you do to claim your space?