Review: Sensory Oracle Deck by Diana Chin, Red Lotus Designz


When I first received this deck I was pleasantly surprised. A lot of oracle decks in my possession have so many cards, some bordering on too many. But this little pack of twenty-two cards does something beautiful with a smaller number of cards. From Diana Chin, this deck plays with color and teases the senses. Each of the cards has a cute, almost doodle like effect that appealed to me in it's simplicity. Often, decks are overcrowded with photoshopped images but this one is accessible and immediately so. 

How It Reads

I did a simple three card reading with this one, as opposed to my usual one card, two card, three card analysis. Why? Simple. This deck is so darn intuitive that I felt satisfied with the answers. I asked a general, What do I need to know? and the answer was spot on. The Earth, Water, and Wand cards come up and to me indicated that I needed to look at where I started, where I wanted to go, and what I need to nurture to get there. Of course, there are specifics but that's my reading! Suffice it to say, looking at the manual only confirmed that I was on the right track and needed to trust the process a bit more willingly than I have in the past. 

What I loved is that the flow of the meanings doesn't hinder the reader, especially if they're capable of thinking on their feet and taking the manual meanings further on their own power. Some oracle decks, when you read more than one card together, can have such divergent meanings from one another that it throws me off but this one was clearly constructed to work on their own or in larger readings. I find that that can be harder to do for some deck creators and so my hat goes off to Diana for crafting such a clearly envisioned deck. 

Final Thoughts

This deck is a delight to look at and pairs well with other cards that focus on bright color and active scenes. I think that a deck like this will appeal to a wide range of people, from a wide age group. I just can't get enough of this cute little deck. If you're looking for something that is easy to pick up and start, or want to stretch your intuitive muscle, then this deck will do that nicely. I look forward to more work from Diana Chin and will be reviewing another deck from her later this week. Stay tuned!