5 Tarot Cards to Discuss Weight Loss

Note: This list is by no means comprehensive.  

I am fat. I have struggled most of my adult life shedding unwanted body fat. Seemingly unrelated is my mantra: Tarot can do anything. They came together recently when I sat at my kitchen table one day and conversationally asked the cards, what can I do to help me on my personal weight loss/get healthier journey?

The spread was simple: The Situation at Hand, The Current Road Blocks, How to Handle them. I won't share those particular cards here (unless they're one of the five I've chosen to highlight)  because it was my own personal reading but what I discovered later was that the cards are geared for just about anything we can think to throw at them. Including weight loss. 

So, here are five cards that have, to me, something to say about weight loss and the journey to a healthier, happier you. 


 Some may ask, why this card and not Justice? Because in my mind, Temperance is a more considered and nuanced card for weight loss than Justice because Temperance deals directly with moderation, self-imposed restriction, and a balancing of mind and matter (rather than mind over matter). This card asks that we be kind to ourselves as we find the balance needed to pursue our goals without leaving reality. One foot must always be grounded in reality. 

That being said, it is a card that can ask us to stare ourselves in the face and demand that we come to it with ingredients worthy of mixing it up with the tarot. Those ingredients will vary from person to person but for me they were dedication, a solid dream, and the willingness to adapt.

Ways to incoprporate Temperance into your weight loss/healthy lifestyle adventure are to make lists. You can create lists of things that you want to improve on alongside a list of things that you love about yourself and try to hold both of those lists in the front of your mind as you continue forward.

It's about finding balance both mentally and physically. 

Seven of Pentacles

atience, patience, patience. The mantra of this card reflects the need to bow to time's great power and acknowledge that any step on the path to a healthier life is a measured one. It requires commitment, and like the card itself, a good hard look at the practices used to grow healthy foundations. 

This card can be used in setting realistic timeframes in your mind. A lot of the issues I've experienced in working toward a healthier lifestyle has been the dream/reality disconnect.

Often we see the end result in our head and when the work isn't providing the immediate results the frustration sets in and we falter. This card can serve as a reminder that this is going to be work and when we are building something, often we know what the finished product will look like but it's the raw material that has to be tranformed into something majestic. 

This card can be seen as largely a card about work but it has an artistic bent. Artists use their raw materials to bring an existing internal vision to life. This is the same thing about weight loss. Utilize this card by creating routine schedules such as work out plans, meal plans, and utilize them in pacing yourself as you work toward cultivating a healthier you. 


The Devil

he Devil has such a bad rap in the tarot, but in terms of working with this card as a weight loss tool, there can be no better way to go about than to be fully cognizant of the patterns and habits we allow ourselves to get stuck in. Negative body talk can keep us inactive just as much as excuses or stalling. 

This fallen angel is all about patterns of thought/behavior and the way we encase ourselves in them to our detriment. We can use this card to our advantage in several prominent ways. First, know thyself. Recognize the behaviors. That's it. I didn't say change them immediately, I said nod to them. Not a lot of pressure right away. That work will come.

The Devil will want to push you, it will want you to become over aware and that's the struggle with using this card. Becoming overly aware of our faults can cause us to spiral directly into them. It's similar to a saying that I've heard in tarot circles before-sometimes in trying to avoid our fate we stumble into it. So, even though working with this card as a tool for self-awareness can be stressful and not for the faint of heart, it will open you to sides of yourself so that you can choose to take the reins, or not. 

This can refer to diets and what we are putting in our mouths or how often we are making space for these changes in our lives. Make no mistake about it, we have to make these changes conciously and sometimes that's the devil on our shoulder all along. 

Six of Swords

or many people the pursuit of healthier lifestyles can stir up an emotional response that is another journey in itself. It can feel like a distraction from the changes we are trying to make right now rather than an emotional reaction to the fact that we are choosing action. We have made a choice and decided to no longer live in a situation detrimental to us. That should be celebrated. 

This card as a tool for weight loss is all about honoring our path and celebrating that first step. It's the hardest. That first step will ask you every question in the book. Are you comitted to this?                                How committed? What do you want? Where do you want to go? Are you willing to walk there? How about run?

It is okay if you don't have all the answers right away. The point is that you start considering them. The Six of Swords can be a good card to get you started talking to people about your fledgling journey. Swords is concerned with communication so building that bridge to encourage you forward is a great reminder. 

Lifestyle changes can be one of the most difficult things to tackle, so why do them alone, if you don't have to? 

Eight of Pentacles

he last card we will look at here is the Eight of Pentacles. This card is about ongoing work and there is no other card I can think to use for a weight loss and lifestyle meditation. 

There is no good diet or magical pill. The only success I've had in making these healthy lifestyle changes have come when I started thinking of them as a lifestyle rather than something I can do until I lose x amount of pounds. That focus will only lead to the inevitable yo-yo that so many people suffer in.

As a card used for weight loss, the Eight of Pentacles is not only about continued work but about having a clear vision of that work, as discussed earlier it is the artistic vision that comes in handy when we need to stick to a lifestyle and don't want to slide downhill. 

Use these cards as guideposts and you will have a team at your side. Whether you're creating a schedule for yourself or tackling long held beliefs that have held you back from a healthier and happier you, the tarot is a tool that can be utilized for more than divination. It can be a tool for physical, personal motivation.