Here is where you can find testimonials pulled from online, social media, and other review sites.

“I’ve had a great experience getting my tarot read by J. Ryan. Professional and friendly.”
— Hali S.
“Literally the best reading I have ever had done. Gets right to the heart of things. Every reading is encouraging you to be your best self!”
— Elizabeth B.
I received a reading a few months back, and it was one of the best I’ve ever had. He clearly has mediumship abilities as well, because my deceased brother came through. Outstanding!
— Connie Braton, Psychics in the Cities
J. Ryan is very insightful, kind, and wise in his reading ability and technique. He is able to effectively provide services at a great rate and with the best interests at mind when doing his readings.
— Amber N.
J. Ryan is so validating and fun during readings. He has such a way with words and is so inviting and open about everything! Somehow, he helps bring comfort and peace even the bad and/or scary parts of a reading. You really get to learn about what he does while learning a bit about yourself at the same time. Much love, J. Ryan.
— Megan L.
I have had two readings so far, one at Enchanted Boutique, and one today at Pagan Pride. I truly love his personality and vibrant spirit. Highly recommend Queer Street Tarot!
— Michelle M.
J. Ryan’s readings provide so much insight into what is happening in your life and mind and how to proceed next. I am so grateful for the help these readings have provided for me. J. Ryan is very personable, easy to talk to, and direct in the way he delivers his readings. I highly recommend!
— Katherine B.
J. Ryan knows Tarot and he knows his cards. He is by far the best Tarot reader I’ve done readings with since I began working with magick and divination. Jake is highly intuitive and extremely talented with interpretation. Things he doesn’t know about you, he will discover through his reading. You’ll be surprised how much he’ll know about you just from looking at the symbols and position of the Tarot cards.

I had some deep, personal, and serious questions for which I needed answers. Jake’s reading not only reaffirmed what my intuition has been telling me, but also gave me insight into different aspects of myself and my life that I never would have noticed if he hadn’t pointed it out. I now feel confident moving forward with my decisions and I have a very positive outlook for the next year of my life.

I recommend that if you’re at a crossroads in life, you’re not quite sure where to go next, and you don’t know what to expect, give Jake a visit or have a Skype call with him. You will feel much more grounded afterwards. And perhaps he will reveal something to you that you never would have expected.

Thank you again for your wonderful service; when I need more spiritual guidance, I will come to you again.
— Gina G.
He is amazing and he reads me for filth every time, but seriously. So accurate, so informative and personable!
— Alyssa V.
J. Ryan is impressive! Spot on and knows what he’s doing. Real, down to earth and great guidance. Highly recommended!
— Jackie L. B.
J. Ryan comes at you with the truths you know but have been burying deep. His readings are insightful, intuitive, and flowing. It feels like having a good conversation with an old friend.

He doesn’t shy away from talking about the tough stuff, but does so in a way that makes you feel nurtured and comfortable. I can’t recommend him highly enough for queer folx, creatives, or anyone who wants a down-to-earth but wildly inspiring reading!
— Kalyn A.
This guy is the real deal. Honest readings served with a side of snark. He knows his Tarot, and he knows how to read people - what more could you want?!
— Shira A.
He is amazing!! Everything he said was on the mark. I was even more amazed by how he talked about facts that only I knew. Truly blessed to meet such a kind spirit and wonderful man! Will definitely be keeping in touch!
— Yolanda J.
Mind-blowing talent. I cannot recommend him enough if you are at any sort of crossroads in your life. You will leave with a better perspective one what needs to be done.

BOOK HIM. It’s super easy and he makes it a great time.
— Tyler S.
J. Ryan has done multiple readings for me over time, and every single one has been informative and dead on accurate.

In fact, he told me I was going to get pregnant 3 months before I found out I was. I admit I laughed at him at the time because I had been trying for years and at 36 had given up, but he knew it before anyone else did. He’s been able to give me wonderful advice and guidance via his readings.
— Tami P.
Very good reader! I got goose bumps multiple times because of how accurate he was. He also has a great personality! I would definitely recommend him to anybody seeking a reading!
— Destynee W.
Really awesome readings! Everything very straight forward and accurate which I found surprising as well as reassuring. Gave me a lot of insight on what´s going on in my life right now and a reminder on what I should keep on doing in the upcomig months. Plus, he’s such a beautiful person!! Totally recommend. Greetings from Mexico!!
— Diana L.
I’ve seen many tarot readers. Never have I ever been so impressed! Thank you, J. Ryan! You blew me away!
— Jackie H.
Eerily creepy accurate! I loved it, J. Ryan was amazing!
— Nicole M.
J. Ryan is wonderful! You can tell him anything without judgment. He is fun and spunky, not to mention impeccably accurate. I LOVE him.
— Lily M.
Awesome! I was skeptical at first with all this but it was amazing how spot on he was with everything, it was very eye opening!
— Kelsey J.
An astute reader who reads with accuracy, fun and compassion. I highly recommend J. Ryan.
— Siobhan R.