Work with Me & Personal Ethics

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My Tarot & Coaching Ethics

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Tarot reading and coaching are both a privilege and an honor. I approach both quite seriously.

Below you will find my personal code of ethics.

I value my clients and the trust with which they confide in me. I take each client seriously.

  • Each person I read for or coach is an adult, fully capable of decisions with which I may or may not agree. What a client chooses to think or do is their own and done so of their own free will.

  • I do not read for third parties. I will not use the tarot to read into heart or mind of anyone other than yourself. If you have questions for another party, then please ask them for any and all clarification.

  • I do not predict the future for clients. While I believe this is possible with the tarot, we are on one path that leads to countless possible futures and you yourself will decide what that is. I can guide you and advise but I will never say something is set in stone.

  • You are the person who knows your life best. Again, I can advise, but ultimately you will be the one decide if a skill or course of action best fits your life.

  • A sense of discomfort can be a part of growth and change. Indeed, it is present in both tarot readings traditionally and more traditional coaching. Combining the two means that I ask you to not shy away from these feelings but to confront and manage your feelings as best you are able.

  • I do not disclose client information. If a client reports to me feeling suicidal or struggling with drug related issues, then this may be cause to report it to the proper professionals and discontinue working with a client for the present time.

  • At my discretion, I will either focus on more traditional coaching techniques instead of the tarot or ask that we space out our sessions. This is to avoid becoming too dependent on a system that is designed to motivate you to action on your own, rather than continuously relying on it.

  • I do not give medical, legal or financial advice. I will make every attempt to refer clients to appropriate professionals when it is necessary.

  • I reserve the right to refuse any reading or coaching session. Refunds will be provided if already paid.

  • Payment must be made online beforehand.

  • I will make every attempt to provide email write ups or online coaching session materials to you in a timely manner. Life does happen though, and I will communicate any possible delay in materials. If you have a concern, please contact me right away.

    All my best to you!

    —J. Ryan